Walking Tour Málaga

If you want to know a different view of Málaga accompanied by guides to know all details, walking tour Málaga is the best option. We are an official tour guides team and we want that you feel the city and its wonders closely to make of your stay an unforgettable experience.

During the tour we offer the best sights and to you feel connected our city. There are a lot of sights that you can see with us in the tours like Cathedral or the historical Centre that have a lot of histories or curiosities told by our guides with a fantastic climate and the typical salt odour. We have the enough experience to tell you the history of one of the most beautiful city of the peninsula. We are official tour guides and passionate about our city.

Tour Malaga

Walking tour Malaga will give you the best to know the city with privates groups. Make of your visit a rewarding experience accompanied by your friends or family and you will have a nice memory. We offer you a different way to meet Málaga: its origins and the best sights and hidden legends. You will see the city with a different, unique and magical view.

We offer a lot of tours among those you will find some of them dedicated to the typical tapas, cruises of Segway. You can choose the one that you want. With these tours you will visit the best places accompanied by our guides, and you choose the background: city, sea, port … museum, historic centre or Cathedral … day or night.


walking tour malaga

Best places to visit in Malaga

In Málaga you will find a lot of magical and interesting places that you can enjoy with us. We will tell you its histories, legends and curiosities of the city. We are great knowledgeable of our heritage: you can rely on us to learn more about Málaga, riddled with strange details and magical background that we want you enjoy. You can meet different museums, promenades of the city,  ports, cruises … We give you different options to meet Málaga in the viewpoint that you prefer.


Make of your visit an unfogettable day thank Málaga a Pie. We are fall in love with this city and we want that you feel like a real malagueño or  malagueña. Make your booking to your walking tour Málaga and discover all wonders that we can show you with our tours.



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